A passenger train, with Budd-Mafersa 800 Series stainless steel passenger cars, headed by E.M.D. GP-9 and a GP-18 diesel-electric locomotives, just near Araraquara station. These locomotives are present, with other liveries, at the FEPASA page. The same cars can be seen in another photo, with an electric G.E. V8 locomotive, also at the FEPASA page. These locomotives and stainless steel cars were received by E.F. Araraquara during a major refurbishment plan carried out during the late fifties and early sixties. Seventeen units of these 1,750 HP machines were purchased: five E.M.D. GP-9 locomotives were received in January of 1958 and 12 GP-18 came in 1960. The rolling stock was also revamped: 23 stainless steel passenger cars were manufactured in 1963 by MAFERSA, a Brazilian company, following the original project from The Budd Company, U.S.A. For some strange reason, only First/Second Class, Restaurant and Sleperette cars were bought; no Luggage/Mail cars were delivered. This unfortunately affected the aesthetic of the train, as can be seen in this photo: the Luggage car, the first of the composition, is very different from the rest. Photo probably taken in the late sixties, just before the incorporation of this railroad by FEPASA, by Alberto H. Del Bianco and Paulo Modé. It was originally published at the Revista Brasileira de Ferreomodelismo.

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