Estrada de Ferro Amapá

This railroad, located in the Amapá state, north of Brazil, was originally built to serve the manganese ore mines of the ICOMI - Indústria e Comércio de Minérios S.A., at Serra do Navio. Trains loaded with this ore run between the mine and the Santana harbour, where it was exported mainly to the U.S.A. This 193 km railroad still is almost unknown and has several interesting characteristics: it is the only one Brazilian railroad with standard gauge (1.44 m) and E.M.D. SW 1200 and SW 1500 diesel-electric locomotives. Now that the manganese ore mine is almost over, this railroad still is being operated, as there were few roads in the Amapa state. Besides that, a touristic train service has began, which can also make feasible the operation of this unique Brazilian railroad. The info and most of the photos were already published in a paper written by Pedro Paulo Resende in the O Truque newsletter.

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