Estrada de Ferro Sorocabana

This was one of the biggest railroads that served the São Paulo state. Alas, it was owned by the government of this state during most of its life. Founded in the 1870's, its tracks reached all the south portion of the São Paulo state, but there was also some branches serving the city of Campinas, the southeast region of the state and its seaside. In 1935, with the inauguration of the Mayrink-Santos branch, this railroad terminated the transport monopoly of the São Paulo Railway between São Paulo highlands and Santos harbour. In 1948, as São Paulo Railway was take over by Brazilian government, E.F. Sorocabana built another direct link between São Paulo city and Santos. In 1971 it was merged with other São Paulo state railroads into only one company, FEPASA, Ferrovias Paulistas S.A. This latter company was privatized in 1998, forming the Ferrovias Bandeirantes S.A. - FERROBAN .

The wall paper in these pages was created by Paulo Sérgio Vieira Filho, from Sorocaba SP.

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