E.F. Santos a Jundiaí

The End of the Future: The Scrapping of E.F.S.J. Locomotives and Cars

Soon after the privatization of the E.F. Santos a Jundiaí, in the end of 1997, M.R.S., the new company that now controls this railroad, announced that all electric locomotives would be out of commercial service. Fortunately M.R.S. can not decide about the fate of the electrification system of that railroad, as these lines are shared with C.P.T.M., the state-owned company that runs the all-electric commuter trains of São Paulo city.

However, these electric locomotives were completely abandoned and there is no known plans regarding their preservation. All of them, the Pimentinhas from the former E.F. Santos a Jundiaí and the Pão-de-Formas and Cariocas, that E.F. Santos a Jundiaí inherited from the de-electrification of E.F. Central do Brasil that happened the early eighties, apparently are condemned to be scrapped.

Besides that, other rare and historical cars also found an inglorious end in the former busy switchyards of E.F. Santos a Jundiaí.

The photos below show the last days of those magnificent machines. Certainly they did not deserved that fate...

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Last Update: 16 October 2001

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