A good and faithful Israeli Railways E.M.D. BoBo, 1310 HP, G12 diesel-electric locomotive pulling a passenger train at Jerusalem in April 18, 1972. By the way, some of these locomotives came second hand from Egypt. No need to be surprised, indeed: this locomotive, specially designed for the dieselization of developing countries railroads, was quite a success all over the world. They were used by almost all Brazilian railroads: Companhia Paulista, Companhia Mogiana, FEPASA, E.F. Vitória-Minas, E.F. Noroeste do Brasil, Viação Férrea do Rio Grande do Sul, Rede Ferroviária Federal, E.F. Trombetas... Their wonderful roar still is heard! The original of this photo was published at the Israel Page of the Electromotive Division.

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© Antonio Augusto Gorni