This odd, experimental, metric gauge locomotive was supplied to E.F. Vitória-Minas in June 29, 1954. This one has six axles in three boogies - a BoBoBo arrangement; a similar locomotive built for E.F. Noroeste do Brasil has two boogies with three axles. This machine has 2 x 1,000 HP of total power and weights 96 tons and a Krupp-Lysholm-Smith hydraulic transmission. Apparently this locomotive had poor performance, being returned to the manufacturer. Marcos Mendes says: my father, who was an E.F. Vitória-Minas engineer and worked with this loco, told me that her hydraulic pump system had many problems and frequently forced train stoppage. Besides that, she was excessively long, widening rail gauge and causing derailments. Her central cab hindered engineer visibility, affecting train safety. This photo is courtesy of Rudi Heinisch, from Munich, Germany.

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