A very rare photo of a lost railroad, deep into the heart of Mata Atlântica, the tropical forest along the Serra do Mar... This 7 km Decauville railroad was built to link the Mongaguá station, in the Santos-Juquiá line, to a forest reserve that supplied firewood to the former steam locomotives of E.F. Sorocabana. In the end of the line, at the forest reserve, there is a wood cottage, used by E.F. Sorocabana engineers as a resort place. This railroad has only a small motor car for two people, which take about one hour to run the entire line - that is, if there is no derailments that can extend very much the trip! This line was very exotic, with a floating bridge over the Mongaguá river; sometimes the tracks are completely submerged in some flooded and swampy places! Cid José Beraldo travelled this railroad in 1988, took the photo that is shown in this page and kindly provided us with all this information. But somebody knows if this unknown railroad still exists?

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