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BETA0066, released 2-May-2002


My Linux distribution, which features a primarily BSD Unix userland, a completely a.out set of systems programs (to avoid the wonderland of gl*bc backwards incompatability), and a lot of experimental things I’m playing with.

Future plans


For the next release I’m trying to decide whether to roll to one of the super-bloated newer Linux kernels or write my own USB stack plus SATA and UDMA drivers for 2.0.28. The advantage of rolling to one of the newer Linux kernels is that the work is all done, but the disadvantage is that modern Linux is in a symbiotic relationship with a large mass of GNU code and replacing the kernel means replacing a huge variety of other code just to get the damned thing to build. Plus the new kernel source tarballs are over 300mb unpacked, which would tend to completely fill / on many of the flash root filesystems I’ve got on my servers.

Todo list

Things that need to be done for the next release are


Version Release Notes? Comments
INST0063 yes A fairly old (even in the context where “new” is 13 years old) release.
INST0064 yes libc 5 is depreciated here, due to y2k issues.
BETA0066 yes The last version of INST0066 before I went to a network distribution model.