Bauble UUCP

In 1989, John Logajan wrote a uucico in Basic for the Atari ST. It was much much better than any of the existing C versions of uucico on the ST, so I rewrote it in C for use with my BBS system on the ST. When I abandoned the Atari ST for the IBM PC clone world, I ported it along, and used it to read mail and news up to the point where I switched pell over to Linux and put it on the public net.

Mailtruk implemented 3-window uucico at a time when all the C versions of uucico only did 1-window uucico. And it was written well enough to make converting it to C a snap – it only took me 3 or 4 evenings to convert it over and debug it, including time spent doing phone calls to my upstream so I could debug the G engine.

Bauble is the final version of my UUCP system. I’m releasing it under a BSD copyright, which requires that you credit John Logajan for his original work.

Source Code

Folder Contents
libraries Common routines used by Gio and uucp.
Gio This is the Mailtruk G protocol engine, rewritten in C.
UUCP cu, mail, uucp, rmail, rnews, cico, and the other programs that make up uucp.