Levee, or
Captain Video!


Levee is my attempt to write a vi clone. It was originally written for USCD Pascal I.5 on the Terak 8510a, ported to USCD Pascal 4.0 on the Sage and Pinnacle 68000-based microcomputers, ported back to I.5, but rewritten in P2 (a Pascal derivative language I wrote in 1983 or thereabouts), rewritten in Pascal for an MP/M box, then my friend John Tainter and I re-re-rewrote it in C so we could run it on our newly-purchased Atari 520STs in 1985, and then I re-re-re-rewrote it for FlexOS when I was working at CPT in (yuck!) Eden Prairie, MN.

When Atari began to roll belly-up, we both abandoned that platform for PCs and re-re-re-re-etc-wrote it for MS-DOS, and when I started using Linux in 1992 I rewrote it AGAIN, then used it off and on until I discovered nvi (and, after a few more years, Caldera freed the real vi, so I abandoned nvi for that).

But, be that as it may, levee is still pretty tiny (37k executable when linked against termcap on Mastodon), so it’s hard to beat its disk size.

Source Code

And, just in case you’re wondering, no, I never watched the Captain Video TV show when I was young – I don’t even think I was even aware of the name except as a silly name until just recently – I just liked the funny juxtiposition of names.