P Ching

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Hexagram: 36
Name: Ming I
Meaning: Darkening of the light,
the symbol of
lack of appreciation.

p-ching started out, 30 or so years ago, as an Ada program that I found on some ada BBS, then converted to Pascal, then to P2 (a pascal derivative that I hacked out of the UCSD I.4 Pascal compiler), then to C on the Atari ST, then C on the IBM PC running MS-DOS (and finally the IBM PC running either Mastodon Linux or FreeBSD.

I don’t have the slightest idea where it came from originally. I got it from a legitimate BBS, so odds are that it’s okay to distribute for noncommercial use. But a LOT of code distributed on BBSes in those days explicitly denied permission to include in other code, use for commercial gain, or distribution of binaries without source, so I must also deny you the right to do any of those things to this code.

p-ching as a CGI script

For fun, I converted p-ching into a php script, which makes a fine dynamic banner on a page

Source Code

The (C language) source.
The (PHP language) source.
The (english-language) data file