Rolling up a character

The first thing you need to do is roll 3d6 4 times and note the rolls on a piece of paper. Arrange them as you wish on your character sheet – here are what attributes are good for:

  • If your STRength is >14, you do extra damage when you hit.
  • If your STR is <7, you do less damage (minimum 1 point) when you hit.
STR damage bonus
3 -3
4 -2
5 -1
6 -1
15 +1
16 +1
17 +2
18 +3
19 +4
20 +6
21 +8

If your DEXterity is >15, it will improve your armour class. If it is <6, it will degrade your armour class.

DEX AC bonus
3 -2
4 -1
5 -1
16 +1
17 +1
18 +2
19 +3
20 +4
21 +6

Your armour class starts at 10 and goes down from there. You subtract your AC bonus from your AC to get your real AC


Your hit points. When you go up levels, you will gain 1 hp/level, so it is really good to have a high starting CON. Your starting CON

also tells how many times you may be brought back to life via a raise dead spell.

If you use magic, it is good to have a high INTelligence, because you need to bid for new spells, and your intelligence enters into the bidding process.

You may trade points from one attribute to another, but there are costs and restrictions.

After figuring your attributes, you pick your race, pick your character class (you may pick more than one, but every class after the first one costs you $500), then pick your languages.

Every character starts out with $1200.

Example character sheet

Class Fighter
Race Hobbit
STR 11 Name Fred Finhead
DEX 18(+2AC) AC 6
CON 14 HTK (+3 for level) 17
INT 6 Experience (Fighter) 600
Experience (Thief) 1000
Languages Venial, Naissa
Money 10gp, 250$,5¢