Electricity is well-developed: There are electric railroads and streetcars, plus a few experimental trackless trolleys. Batterys are primitive at best, thus there are no electric cars. Electric lighting is restricted to scattered arc lamps; magic light is much cleaner and quieter.

Steam is quite advanced; there are, as mentioned before, quite a few railroads, a lot of steamships, and steam carriages and fighting vehicles. There has also been a lot of development in the field of steam-powered artillery.

Gunpowder has just been introduced (by emigrants) in the last 30 years. It is very popular for small-arms use, but is unreliable for cannon and artillery.

Ironworking and steelworking is fairly advanced; the demand for rail and boiler/armour stock has created a few industrial complexes around the mines at (?) in the Dwarrel, in the Imperial Concession south of Marrephilahd, and west of Nerol, at the Queen’s Mines. There are also a few small textile mills operating, but they have not been too sucessful.