The Baldwin steam locomotive ABPF #5. Photo shot at Carlos Gomes yards by Christian Duch, associated member of the A.B.P.F., in February 4, 2002. He says: The # 5 is a Baldwin Locomotive built in 1913 with a weel arrangement 2-6-2 St (saddle tank), 2 cylinders wet steam. Due to the special tank construction like a saddle over the boiler, theese kind of locos were called in Brazil by the nickname of "Tatuzinho" what means little armadillo. This loco has been in operation at the sugar mill SSB Société Sucrerie Brésilienne in Piracicaba until middle of the seventies, when the SSB sold it to a scrap. After this the loco was bought from scrap by the Villares Company in Araraquara SP, where it was placed in the gardens in front of the headoffices. In 1998 The Villares Company donated the # 5 to the ABPF where it was restores in the same year. Now the # 5 is in normal operation and can be seen between Anhumas and Jaguarí.

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