An U12C G.E. diesel-electric locomotive that formerly belonged to the Companhia Siderúrgica Paulista - COSIPA and that was sold to the Ferros and Metais Retiro in 1994. This company, for its turn, hired this machine to the S.B.E.I., a company that perform engineering works for Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos - C.P.T.M.. It was nicknamed as "Aladdin's Machine", after the Arabian-like fonts of the "F.M.R." letters painted in the body of the locomotive. The E.F. Sorocabana/FEPASA had a locomotive very similar to this one. This photo shot in April 6, 1997, between the Taipas and Perus stations, in the former São Paulo-Jundiaí trunk line of the E.F. Santos a Jundiaí, by Cid José Beraldo, from São Paulo SP. He kindly distributed this copy through E.F. Brasil, the first electronic list for discussion about the Brazilian railroads.

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