In 1952 The Budd Company, from U.S.A., delivered to E.F. Sorocabana several stainless steel passenger cars, known as the Budd 500 Series. They were not equipped with air conditioning equipment, an extremely luxurious detail at that time. With the arrival of the Brazilian Budd 800 Series stainless steel cars those old units were renamed as Luxo Antigo (Old Luxury) by E.F. Sorocabana employees. This photo shows one sleeper car of that kind. In the late sixties some of these sleeper cars were transfered to the Companhia Mogiana, to be used in the Bandeirante, the train that linked Campinas SP to the capital of Brazil, Brasília. During the FEPASA age some of these cars were fitted to the wide gauge and were used in the former Companhia Paulista/E.F. Araraquara lines. Photo from the collection of the Companhia Paulista Museum; this copy is courtesy of Paulo Cury, from Jundiaí SP.

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