A Whitcomb 40335 diesel locomotive operating at the harbour of Baroid Pigmina Industrial e Comercial S.A in August 1980. This harbour is located at Ilha Grande do Camamu, near Salvador, the capital of the Brazilian state of Bahia. Mike Jackson says: At that time there was a 600 mm gauge railroad serving the pier, loading barytes in bags and for incoming goods. The line ran from a warehouse to the end of the jetty, but buried track showed that it had extended further inland in the past. There was just one diesel locomotive and a few small flat wagons. The locomotive was Whitcomb 40335 which had been heavily rebuilt. The locomotive was stored in the warehouse but the foreman arranged for it to be driven outside for photographs.. Mike Jackson, from Great Britain, shot this photo when the ship where we was working, the Southgate, loaded cargo there. He kindly sent a copy of the photo to the E.F. Brasil site.

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