In 1982 the E.F. Central do Brasil section of the R.F.F.S.A. scrapped the eletrification system of its lines. Then FEPASA and R.F.F.S.A. got a deal: the G.E. Escandalosa locomotives from E.F. Central do Brasil, like the one shown in the photo above, were swapped by FEPASA's ALCO RSC-3 diesel-eletric locomotives, that formely belonged to the Companhia Paulista. These locomotives, already in a very bad state after several years of abandonment, were completely revamped at FEPASA locomotive works, in Jundiaí. This photo shows one Escandalosa being revamped, waiting for new painting. This photo was taken in São Paulo by Manoel Jorge Filho, probably in 1982. This copy is courtesy of Ricardo Frontera, from Bauru SP.

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