This car was re-built from a wood passenger car in the Rio Claro maintenance works of the former Companhia Paulista, preserving only the original trucks. Cid José Beraldo photographed this car at the Presidente Altino station in November 30, 1981. At that time, this car was already transfered and adapted for use by the São Paulo state government welfare agency, as can be seen in message written in this unit: Fundo de Assistência Social do Palácio do Governo. This kind of car, revamped in the late sixties (probably in 1968), was originally painted in gray, with a cream colored strip along the windows and with a silver fillet in the boundary between these colors. They were used in secondary passenger trains, the so called P trains. Their nickname was Chumbinho (a word that could be freely translated as "little lead") due to its gray color. The copy of the photo and the information were courtesy respectively of Cid José Beraldo, from São Paulo SP and Maurício Torres, from Miami, U.S.A.

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