Companhia Mogiana de Estradas de Ferro

This is also one of the most important railroads in the São Paulo state. It served its northeast region, which was a whealty coffee producer during the first half of the XX century; some of its branches even crossed the border of the Minas Gerais state. Its main line links Campinas to Araguari, where it connects with the former E.F. Goiás. This allowed the connection of Brasília, the capital of Brazil, with the Brazilian railroad network, in 1967. During the late sixties and early seventies the Bandeirante, a luxury express passenger train, run between Campinas and Brasília. It was composed with the then famous Budd-design stainless steel cars, built in Brazil by Mafersa. Passengers from São Paulo city could reach Campinas using the trains of Companhia Paulista. In 1971 Companhia Mogiana was absorbed by FEPASA, the São Paulo state owned railroad network. A major overhaul of its main line, including electrification, was then started, within a program called Corredor de Exportação (Exportation Corridor). Its main line was effectively rebuilt with a modern design; it is shorter and straighter than the former project. Unfortunately, many old stations had to be abandoned, as the new line avoided to cross cities. The electrification program was not completed. Only two electric locomotives were built, but, after all, were not used in this line! In 1995 FEPASA finally decided to give up on the electrification project of this line. Tons and tons of brand new material and electric equipment still remains abandoned in several FEPASA works... After the privatisation of FEPASA, in 1998, a new company assumed the former Companhia Mogiana lines: FERROBAN - Ferrovias Bandeirantes S.A.

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