This was the Trem Suburbano de Bauru, an ill-fated trial commuter train that run in Bauru city for only one year during the early nineties. According to Ricardo Frontera, this train was composed by two carbon steel cars with one steeple cab electric switching locomotive at each end of the train. In the last days of this train it had only one car. This train served the following stations along fifteen kilometers of the former Companhia Paulista line: Bauru Central; Companhia Paulista; Guadalajara, near Triagem Paulista, specially built for this service; Industrial District, also specially built for this service; Octávio Rasi, near a new district, specially built for this service; Aimorés, near the electric power substation. Photo from the collection of the Companhia Paulista Museum; copy kindly sent by Paulo Cury, from Jundiaí SP.

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