Concrete bridge over the Mogi Guaçu river, in Passagem (SP), in the trunk line between Jundiaí and Colômbia. This concrete arch-built bridge is located between the Passagem and Pitangueiras stations, 358.280 km from Jundiaí. This bridge was part of the gauge change program of this line, that was originally built in metric gauge. The building of this bridge began in 1927 and ended in 1928, being officially inaugurated in 1930, when all the trunk line finally was rebuilt in wide gauge. The width of the river at that point is 131 m. This photo was originally published in the book Traçado de Ferrovias (Railroad Building), by Jerônimo Monteiro Filho, edited in 1955. The copy was kindly sent by Hermes Yoiti Hinuy, from São Paulo SP.

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