The Ayrosa Galvão concrete bridge over the Tietê river between Jaú and Pederneiras, with a freight train pulled by a V8 locomotive on it. It was built in 1934 by the firm Cristianini & Nielsen during the rectification of the segment between these two stations and the change of the gauge from metric to 1.60 m. It has nine concrete arches, each one with a length of 37 m. It was designed by José Alfredo Marsillac, a civil engineer who, at that time, was almost blind due to wounds he suffered during the Revolução Constitucionalista ("Constitutional Revolution") that occurred at the São Paulo state in 1932. This bridge was abandoned in 1965, as it was submerged after the building of the new Bariri dam. As the legend says that the V8 locos did not pull freight trains during the golden days of Companhia Paulista, apparently this picture was taken between the state take over of the Company (1961) and the last days of the bridge (1965). Photo shot by Vicente João Pedro; a copy was kindly sent by Edson Salvador Castro, from Jaú SP, to the E.F. Brasil site.

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