OK, this locomotive was never saw at any Brazilian railroad. However, it is similar to the Charutão ("big cigar"), an electric locomotive supplied to E.F. Central do Brasil, which was later used at E.F. Santos a Jundiaí under the nickname Carioca. Well, they effectively had some common features, like power rating (4,400 HP), manufacturer (G.E.) and year of delivery (early 1960's). However, their shapes were somewhat different: the E44 shell has a more sharp format and their pantographs were nearer the engineer cabinet than the Charutão. But the great difference was in the characteristics of the electric current that fed these machines: while the E44 need 11,000 volts, 25 Hz A.C. current, the Charutão operated with 3,000 volts, C.C. current. But perhaps the main feature common to both machines was the spartan shape of their shells, more similar to diesel-electric machines than to the former streamlined electric locomotives of the 1940's and 1950's. Yes, downsizing and simplification were here to stay... This photo is originally at the Railroading in the Nort East site, as indicated by Alexandre Santurian, from Salvador BA.

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