Left photo: English Electric #7702, still alive and kicking, in Zaragoza. This photo is courtesy of Javier Fraile, from Spain.

Right photo: This photo was shot near the Torre del Bierzo, in Leon, by Salvador Pinel Ortega in October 24, 1992. The original photo was published in the Spanish rail modeling magazine Maquetren. A copy was kindly sent by Manuel Gamallo to the E.F. Brasil site.

The Pimentinha electric locomotive used in the E.F. Santos a Jundiaí was specially designed and built for that railroad by English Electric. However, this locomotive was so successful that later the same kind of machine was also supplied to RENFE, the Spanish railroad network. The photos above shows Las Inglesas (or the "Green Pepperones"!) working hard in Spain. Most of these locomotives were already put out of service but are being preserved in museums and eventually are pulling touristic trains, like the "Train de la Fresa" (The Strawberry Train) between Madrid and Aranjuez.

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