An ALCO FA1 1500 HP diesel-electric locomotive, #3207. Twelve units of this kind of machine, #3101 to #3212, were purchased by E.F. Central do Brasil in 1948 to haul the Santa Cruz and Vera Cruz passenger trains. They could reach 100 km/h as maximum speed. Its nickname was Biriba; the legend says that these locomotives had this name, at least in Rio de Janeiro, because its nose was very similar to the snout of a dog with that same name, very known as a mascot of a local soccer team... When this photo was shot, in April 25, 1981, this locomotive was the last unit of this kind still on duty. However, it was already out of commercial service, working at the Barra do Piraí switchyards. Photo taken by Cid José Beraldo, originally available at the R.F.F.S.A. Page of the Alco World.

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