A G-12 diesel-electric locomotive, FEPASA #7068, built in U.S.A. by the Electromotive Division of General Motors. The same model of machine can be seen at Companhia Paulista page. This photo was taken at October 17, 1973, in a shed at the Cabrália Paulista station. Note that the livery of this locomotive is almost identical to the Companhia Paulista's, only the legendary CP inscriptions were replaced by the poor fepasa acronyms - yes, in lower case letters, a symptom of decadence? Original photo by Dave Moore, at the Brazil Page at the Electromotive Division.

Cabrália Paulista was the last station of the electrified section of the Itirapina-Panorama line. The passenger trains were pulled by V8 or Vanderléia locomotives between Jundiaí-Itirapina-Bauru. At Bauru these locomotives were replaced by electric steeple-cab or box locomotives, as the line between Bauru and Cabrália Paulista was not appropriate to big locomotives like the V8 or Vanderléia. In Cabrália Paulista the electric locomotives were replaced by the diesel-eletric G12 and its unforgettable roar... In 1975, the tracks between Bauru and Garça were rectified and the Cabrália Paulista station was supressed. There was plans to extend the electric traction down to the Tupã station, but they were not executed. So, after the building of that new line, the electrification section ended in Bauru.

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