This photo shows the connecting cables and hoses between two 2000 Series (Lobas) electric locos (#2056 and #2060) of the former E.F. Sorocabana. These two locos, plus another one, were hauling a freight train in Mayrink. Photo shot by Nick Lawford, from England, in June 8, 1996. He says: 18 of the original 21 Westinghouse built group were also in use - with 2051, 2053 and 2068 also stopped on 01.09.1995. Again two regular triplets observed on freight over and 18 month period were 2058+2071+2070 and 2057+2056+2060 while the others locos were seen more randomly. In two and a half years, I observed class 2100 usually confined to freight west of Mairinque, on just one occasion observing a triplet light engine at São Roque.

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