A second hand G.E. U26 diesel-electric locomotive of FerroNorte, #703, bought from the E.F. Vitória-Minas. This kind of locomotive was originally built during the early eighties with wide gauge for use at E.F. Carajás. However, as its performance was not satisfactory in that railroad, they were refitted for use in metric gauge and transfered to the E.F. Vitória-Minas. In 1998 they were sold to FerroNorte, which was just starting its operations. So they needed to be reversed for use in wide gauge. Note that this locomotive still keeps its original livery from the E.F. Vitória-Minas; only the label was changed. Photos taken at the Triagem Paulista station by Ricardo Frontera, in June 1999; in the day this photo was shot this locomotive was also working at the Pederneiras harbour, in the Tietê river.

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