A G.E. Cooper-Bessemer 64 t diesel-electric switching locomotive with the first FEPASA livery, originally supplied to the E.F. Sorocabana, photographed in the late seventies at the Barra Funda yards of the former E.F. Sorocabana. This place now is occupied by the Barra Funda station of the São Paulo metro. There were 25 units of this machine operating in 1976 and only 9 twenty years later. This locomotive, with Cooper-Bessemer diesel motors and electrical equipment by G.E., was also supplied to the former Rede de Viação Paraná-Santa Catarina (R.V.P.S.C.). Passenger trains of the late E.F. Cantareira, in São Paulo city, were pulled by some of these E.F. Sorocabana locomotives during the early sixties. No wonder - E.F. Cantareira was administered by E.F. Sorocabana. This photo was taken by Cid José Beraldo; a copy was kindly sent by Marcello Talamo.

A faithful HO model version of this loco can be got at César Sacco Car & Locomotive Works.

Veja um detalhado modelo HO desta locomotiva na página da César Sacco Car & Locomotive Works

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