A G.E. B+B switching locomotive with 47 tons, number 3002, supplied to the former E.F. Sorocabana from January to March of 1947. They had two 300 HP, D-17000 model Caterpillar motors. These motors were originally designed for use in tractors, but were also adapted to be used in railroads. This photo was taken by Cid Josť Beraldo in April 24, 1976, who kindly sent a copy to these pages. At this time these locomotives were scrapped; only one was still used at the former Mogiana maintenance works, in Campinas, where this photo was shot. Note that the livery of this locomotive was completely diferent from the normal FEPASA livery; in fact, it was painted in full yellow color. The message in the locomotive body says "exclusively for use at the maintenance works". See this loco during its glory days clicking here. It is interesting to note that behind this loco there is another model of G.E. switching locomotive, powered by Cooper-Bessemer motor. It is the #3113 loco, originally supplied to E.F. Sorocabana, the only one of this series which has a straight-shaped cabin, very similar to the model supplied to Companhia Mogiana!

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