This is an aerial view of the Brazilian General Electric Locomotive Works, located near Boa Vista, a station of the trunk line of Companhia Paulista, far some 15 km north from Campinas. These works supplied the Brazilian railroads with many famous locomotives. The first one was a switching locomotive for the COSIPA steelworks, in 1966; the last one were huge C-30-7 beasts delivered to FEPASA/Cutrale-Quintela in 1990. Unfortunately, the economical crisis and the turbulence in the railroad pre-privatization period supressed any locomotive orders to that plant, which went to a halt during the nineties. The lattest Dash-9 locomotives supplied to E.F. Vitória-Minas and Ferronorte were imported from the U.S.A... This photo was originally published in a G.E. locomotive catalog. This copy was kindly sent by Hermes Yoiti Hinuy, from São Paulo SP.

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