This is an artistic view of the British G.E.C. electric locomotives that were supplied to Ferrovia do Aço but never run in that railroad - or somewhere else! During early eighties the electrical equipment for 35 units of these 25 kV, 60 Hz monophasic A.C., 3,5/4,2 kW locomotives were supplied to R.F.F.S.A.. They are to be assembled in Brazil by Equipamentos Villares, non-electrical components were to be produced locally. However, assembling works never started; their components still are stored, since early eighties, in warehouses in the city of Cruzeiro... R.F.F.S.A. is trying to sell this stuff, but it is hard to find a customer, since these locomotives were custom made. Well, after all, certainly we can nickname them as Viúvas Porcinas ("Porcina Widows"), a character from the well-known Brazilian soap opera Roque Santeiro "who was a widow without having been married..." (a que era sem nunca ter sido). The copy of this painting by Salles/Interamericana de Publicidade S.A., originally published in Revista Ferrovia, the E.F. Santos a Jundiaí house organ, is courtesy of Fábio R. Gatto.

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