This photo, shot at the Peruíbe station, shows the touristic train that run between Campinas and Peruíbe, under administration of the Patená Tur, a FEPASA licensee for that service during the nineties. The railroad trip ended in Peruíbe; then the passengers took buses to go to the Juréia Ecological station. Note that this train is headed by a G.E. U20C diesel-electric locomotive; it was composed of Budd-Mafersa stainless cars equipped with air suspension; this first one is a restaurant car. Unfortunately this service was supressed after the privatisation of FEPASA, in 1999; besides that, the Santos-Juquiá line apparently is being scrapped too... Photo shot by André Carrijo Galesso, from Mauá SP, in February 1997; he kindly sent one copy to the E.F. Brasil, an electronic list for discussion about the Brazilian railroads.

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