The new Brazilian capital, Brasília, was inaugurated in April 21, 1960. However, only in 1967 it was linked to the Brazilian railroad network. The Companhia Mogiana then inaugurated a passenger service between Campinas and Brasília, the Bandeirante train. The passengers could reach São Paulo through connections with Companhia Paulista trains at Campinas. The rolling stock for this train was transfered from the E.F. Sorocabana to the Companhia Mogiana, as both companies belonged to the São Paulo state at that time. The Bandeirante was composed of passenger cars newly built in Brazil (the 800 series) by Mafersa, a Budd licensee, in the early sixties and sleeping cars. This promotional photo of 1967 shows the Bandeirante train being pulled by a brand new L.E.W. diesel-electric locomotive, The Bandeirante train was supressed in 1977. Service was resumed in 1980, but then using only Brazilian-built, carbon steel passenger cars without air suspension nor other luxuries... No wonder that this service was soon disrupted again... This photo, from the Alberto H. del Bianco collection, was kindly sent by Marcello Tálamo.

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