A diesel-electric locomotive supplied to E.F. Sorocabana, built by L.E.W. - Lokomotivbau Eletrotechische Werke, mainly used for switching or railroad maintenance services. This is an example of the DE II series: 30 locomotives of this type, with 1050 HP and diesel motor with 12 cylinders with "V" alignement, were supplied to that railroad between 1967 and 1968. Their motor is French, built by SACM. They were nicknamed as Alemăzinhas (Little Germans). Similar locomotives, but with wide gauge, were also delivered to Companhia Paulista; a more powerful version was also purchased by Companhia Mogiana. The photo was shot at the LEW plant, in Henningsdorf, East Germany, during the late sixties; this copy is courtesy of Rudi Heinisch and Dietmar Stresow, from Munich, Germany.

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