An aerial view of Piratininga, a small town between Bauru and Gália, in 1967, during the Beatles age. Well, at that time, we all lived in a yellow submarine - thank God it was not the Kursk... The railroad line can be seen at the right; Piratininga station is at mid height; one can see some trains stopped there. In the bottom of the photo the electric station that fed the electric locomotives can be seen at the left of the tracks. The Agudos branch can also be seen: it began near to the electric station, going to the left. Agudos branch was eliminated at those days; the main line was over in 1977, as a new and shorter line was built between Bauru and Garça. Piratininga station was then deactivated. This poster is nowadays exposed at Piratininga town hall; this photo was shot by Ricardo Frontera, from Bauru SP, who kindly sent a copy to the E.F. Brasil site.

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