A Prado Uchoa Brazilian built electric locomotive. According to Alexandre Santurian, from the loco number (#2002). These locomotives were ordered by E.F.C.B. to the Brazilian company Prado Uchoa in 1943, being delivered in the same year. They were numbered from #2002 to #2006. This photo, originally published at Revista Ferroviária, apparently was shot during the late sixties, as these locos shows some modifications regarding the original project and, as a matter of fact, they were revamped in the mid-sixties. It was kindly sent by Carlos Alberto Rollo, from São Paulo SP.

The original electrification contract between E.F.C.B. and English Electric Export (through its subsidiary company called Metropolitan Vickers) included electric multiple units and electric locomotives. These locomotives were never supplied due to the beginning of World War II, as England decided that this material was needed for the war effort. As E.F.C.B. really needed those locomotives, its engineers built the Ferro de Engomar locomotive in 1940, which received the number #2001, and the five units ordered to Prado Uchoa. These Prado Uchoa were B-B electric locomotives, with 53,000 adherent weight, maximum traction force of 5,520 kg, 95 km/h maximum speed, 1072 HP of power with 2,700 volts D.C. Each one had four G.E. #723 motors, each one with 310 HP of power. Their length was 13.365 m between coupling centers, 3.120 m total width and 4.76 m height.

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