This is a Metropolitan-Vickers electric locomotive that was supplied to this railroad in the early fifties, with her factory livery. Unfortunately the electrification venture in R.V.P.S.C. was somewhat ill-fated, as it did not develop propertly and was completely scrapped in 1967.

Eljas Pölho, from Sweden, has more information about this loco: "The mechanical parts were built and complete erection carried out at the Metropolitan-Vickers-Beyer-Peacock works at Stockton-on-Tees. The electrical equipments were made and supplied by the Metropolitan-Vickers works at Manchester and Sheffield. The locomotives were shipped to Brazil during the latter part of 1952 and early 1953. The first batch, 14 for Rede Mineira de Viação, were put into general service between Divinopolis and Carlos Prates during March 1953. The 10 locomotives for R.V.P.S.C. operated between Curitiba and Banhado from the early fifties (36km by 1955, 44 km 1956-1957, 52 km 1958-) until 1967. Other data: BoBo, weight 49.2 tons, length 39 ft 6 in, wheelbase 8 ft 0 in + 18 ft 6 in, wheels 43 in, traction motors 4 x M.V. 188 axle hung, rating one hour 1080 s.hp, tractive effort 15300 lb at 25.9 mph (6950 kg at 41.7 km/h), continuous 900 s.hp, tractive effort 12050 lb at 27.4 mph (5480 kg at 44.0 km/h), max speed 50 mph (80 km/h). From the photo it appears that they were initially numbered from 2000 to 2009".

This photo was also kindly supplied by Eljas Pölho; it was published originally in a 1957 Metropolitan-Vickers publicity material.

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