In 1990 FEPASA decided to revamp the regional train that runs between Santos and Samaritá stations. Some electric Japanese unit trains, that were being used in São Paulo city suburban service since 1957, were completely rebuilt at the Presidente Altino works of the former E.F. Sorocabana. As the Baixada Santista lines are not electrified, these carbon steel cars must be pulled by one RSD-8 locomotive. These cars and the RSD-8 locomotives designated for this service have the same livery and the name TIM - Trem InterMunicipal ("InterCity Train"). These trains were supposed to run in push-pull operation, that is, the train could be controlled from the locomotive cabinet or from another control cabinet located in the first car of the composition, which was included during the revamp. However, this system did not work. Today these trains are operated with engineers in both locomotive and control car cabinets! This photo, originally exposed at the FEPASA Page of the ALCO World, was taken by Cid José Beraldo, from São Paulo SP, in November 20, 1993, at the Samaritá station.

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