The legendary Trem Azul ("Blue Train"), the luxury express train of Companhia Paulista, photographed during its last glory days, in 1967, at the Jaú station. This photograph shows the afternoon train, heading from Panorama to São Paulo. Its arrival to the stations was always magnificent: the approach in high speed, the sound of the warning bells getting near, the impressive humming of the blower motors as it passed by and then a sudden silence, only broken by the scratching of the breaking wheels. This train was created in 1956, using brand new Pullman Standard cars and inaugurating this new livery: blue with the cream stripe in the windows line: the "Blue Velvet" spirit indeed! This photo was shot by Francisco Pereira Filho, from Jaú SP; this copy was courtesy of Nílton José Gallo, from Barra Bonita, SP.

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