A General Electric U-12B diesel-electric locomotive, photographed in 1983 at the former Companhia Mogiana maintenance works, in Campinas. E.F. Sorocabana bought 18 units of these B-B, 1,200 HP machines in 1957. Now they are used in the Aguaí-Poços de Caldas branch of the former Companhia Mogiana, hauling bauxite trains. The nickname of this locomotive is Perereca, a small Brazilian frog. Why? Well, a version says that these locomotives shake a lot, specially when they run in the bad-maintained FEPASA tracks... The COSIPA steelworks also had a locomotive like that one. This photo was shot by Cid José Beraldo, who kindly distributed a copy in the E.F. Brasil, an electronic list for discussion about Brazilian railroads.

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