This is a very rare photo of a almost unknown G.E. U-9B diesel-electric locomotive that worked in the Companhia Paulista and FEPASA. Ten units of this 900 HP machine were delivered to the former Companhia Paulista in the late fifties. The locomotive shows the first "emergency" FEPASA livery, basically the former Companhia Paulista livery of that machine, but with the inscriptions CP replaced by the fepasa acronyms. All locomotives of this kind were scrapped by FEPASA in the early eighties. This photo, shot by Cid José Beraldo, from São Paulo SP, shows the locomotive near the Campinas maintenance works of the former Companhia Mogiana. A copy of this photo was kindly distributed by the author through the E.F. Brasil, a electronic list for discussion about the Brazilian railroads.

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