Well, the locomotive above surely was never seen in Brazilian railroads! It is the second generation model of the electric locomotive seen above; some units were also delivered to the New York, New Haven and Hartford railroad in 1954. Certainly if Companhia Paulista would have decided to buy new electric locomotives during the late fifties, this would be the chosen model. But, of course, adapted to the Brazilian conditions: this model is a rectifier locomotive, using 11,000 volts single phase A.C. overhead or 600 volts D.C. from third rail. It also had 4,000 HP of power under continuous rating. Note some improvements in this locomotive in relation to the previous model, as the wider front windows. I think that the original V8 had some visibility problems, as many photos of this locomotive show the engineer leaned over the lateral window and looking forward, exactly as shown in the previous photo! A nostalgic note: I remember that during the sixties some sets of HO toy electric trains made in Brazil by ATMA included locomotives with this livery. This photo is available in the 1956 edition of the Locomotive Cyclopaedia.

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