One of the 3,900 HP "V8" electric locomotives built in 1946 by General Electric in U.S.A.; this Companhia Paulista bought 22 of such locomotives. This one, #381, has manufacturer number #27778. Such dream machines had 122 tons of adherent weight and maximum speed of 145 km/h. The first four were delivered in 1940. World War II delayed the arrival of the others: 10 went in 1947 and 8 in 1948. Similar machines can be seen at the FEPASA and at the E.F. Central do Brasil page. This photo was taken by Guido Motta in 1970, at the Paranapiacaba station of the E.F. Santos a Jundiaí. Note the Big Ben-like clock of this station, partially showed in the right side of the photo, which was originally published at the April 1989 issue of Revista Ferroviária. Another photos of the Paranapiacaba station can be seen in the E.F. Santos a Jundiaí page.

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