In 1967, the Brazilian plants of General Electric manufactured 10 units of this 5,200 HP electric locomotive, nicknamed Vanderléia, for the Companhia Paulista. They had 144 tons of adherent weight. Similar units, but less powerful, were also delivered to the E.F. Sorocabana; they can be seen at the E.F. Sorocabana locomotive site. Its nickname was an homage to a pretty and famous Brazilian rock'n'roll singer of that time. Its maximum speed is 130 km/h. However, for some reason, tests with high velocity during the eighties were carried out with the good old V8 locomotives, and not with these ones... A version tells that there was some fear that such high speed would break her windshields. This same kind of locomotive can be seen in the FEPASA page, with the very first, first and second livery of that company. This page shows an official photo from the #350 locomotive building album of the G.E. Brazilian locomotive works, shot by Foto Windsor; this copy is courtesy of César Sacco, from Vitória ES.

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