Albany Port RR #1150 (exx D&H 4126) in midcentury red silver & blue

The Albany Port Railroad – co-owned by the D&H and CSX – handles rail freight for the Port of Albany. Despite the wildly different management approaches of the two parent railways, it is an impressively profitable little railway that operates in a way that does not make either parent flip out and demand drastic change.

During its life it’s operated with a collection of used switchers from its parent railways, from various Alcos to one SW-something to another, but in 2015 the Port started making noises about replacing the current locomotives (a pair of EMDs) with something that actually fits the current EPA emissions limits.

The D&H had just the thing! DL32’s #1149 & #1150 had recently been remanufactured – with Cummins QSK50s – from hulks dumped in Colonie Yard decades previously, and could be repainted into APD colo(u)rs and put into service without much trouble at all.

So there they are, switching this very busy port and filling the coffers of both the D&H and CSX to this day.

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