Brunswick & Rockland RS-351 #461 in sky/forest/ocean paint

When the Maine Eastern gave up operating the Rockland Branch in 2016, the PV&T took over operations on the branch. Instead of operating it directly, it formed a new subsidiary – the Brunswick & Rockland Railway – to operate the line.

Electrification was starting to put some of the system’s older Alco power out of service, so rosters were shuffled a bit to put the PV&T’s entire fleet (461,498-500) of DL11s (TdM & ILW rebuilds of RS-3s with 251 prime movers) into service on this line.

The line operates to this day; mainly freight, but also seasonal passenger service by dmu or one of the Parsons Vale’s collection of streamlined diesels. This passenger service does not make any money, of course, but the PV&T doesn’t want to discontinue the passenger service the Maine Eastern provided and is willing to absorb the losses in exchange for public good will.

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