As part of the purchase deal for the trackage that became the Cape Breton Railway, the LT&L also purchased a minority share in the Cape Breton & Central Nova Scotia. This didn’t help improve the somewhat lackadasical service G&W was providing on that line, but it did allow for CBR haulage rights between Port Hastings and Truro.

In 2023, a new player entered the game – the Canadian National, as part of their expansion back into eastern Canada, also purchased a minority share, leading to a 30% LT&L/30% CN/40% G&W ownership split.

The G&W is still operating the railway, but the two new minority owners could now spend money on upgrading the track to support (moderately) high speed double-stack container traffic on the Truro<->Port Hastings mainline (not electrified, though, because both the CN & G&W share the weird north american distaste for electrification.)

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