Albany - Hudson Fast Line
Operating Office 12 Railroad Ave., Rensselaer, N.Y.
Administrative Offices 701 Atlantic Av., Boston, MA.

A. Smith, Train Master. Rensselaer, N.Y.

Extends from Rensselaer, N.Y. to Hudson, N.Y. (36 miles). Freight only.

Track Connections for interchange of freight in car loads, and less than car loads, with N.Y.C. & H.R. R.R. at Rensselaer and Hudson, N.Y.; with B. & A. R.R at Niverville, Hudson Upper and Hudson N.Y; with P.V. & T. R.R. in Rensselaer, N.Y. L. C. L. shipments transferred. Regular interchange of freight with all Rail and Boat lines.

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